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  • Each tournament is entire month
  • Entry is $20 per event
  • Payout(s) and leaderboard updated daily on site
  • Your entry covers a full month of fishing
  • Must be part of qualified team to participate


These rules shall be enforced for all participating members.  Read them!


Tournament Rules

  1. Catch submission photo must include unique identifier for tournament entered.

  2. Catch submission photo must display fish laying flat against an inch rule with mouth against rule bump board or a full inch visible forward of fish mouth AND

  3. Catch submission photo must display a full inch visible back of fish tail.

  4. Catch submission photo will be finally judged by tournament director for length award, to nearest achieved .25 inch.

  5. Method of take shall include live bait and artificial lure only.

  6. Duration of event shall be calendar month with all catch photos submitted by midnight of month end.

  7. Prizes/payouts specified in entry details.

  8. Entry fee specified in entry details.

  9. By entering event, angler agrees to hold harmless / release of liability and assumes any risk to self, companions, and equipment.

  10. Anglers displaying unsafe or unsportsmanlike boating or fishing practices may be subject to disqualification at tournament director discretion.

  11. Entry to event includes unlimited submissions for event period.

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